About Us

We are a global production service company assisting television commercials and programming, feature films, music videos/promos, photography and corporate projects. We offer location scouting, casting, production, and post-production services.

In Eastern Europe, we can help you with affordable classic and modern locations and state of the art studios in Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Romania and Ukraine.

In Western Europe, we can arrange the lowest prices for the most exclusive locations. France, UK, Italy, Holland, Austria, Germany, Spain, Iceland etc.

In the US and Canada, our partners are willing to find the way to match even the most demanding budgets.

In the Middle East, Israel and Jordan provide affordable alternatives with their untouched and ancient locations.

We also offer services in India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

We are also about exploring new territories. If you are a location scout or a production company anywhere in the world and you feel that we should represent you we’d love to hear from you.


Estimating & Billing

Casting & Talent Negotiation

Location Scouting & Permitting

Crew & Vendor Sourcing

Stylists, Props & Wardrobe

Set Design & Construction

Studio & Equipment Rentals

Travel & Transportation

Customs & Carnets

Catering & Craft Services


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